About Us

All of BLU Boy chocolates are crafted by hand in our Bloomington, Indiana chocolate studio using no preservatives in order to bring you fresh chocolates of the highest quality.
Pastry chef and chocolatier David Fletcher spent his young-adult life in Germany, which introduced him to “Café Culture,” the tradition of afternoon coffee and dessert. This influenced his love of fine pastries and baking, and led him to New York City where he studied at the Institute of Culinary Education under pastry chef Nick Malgieri and cake designer Toba Garrett.
In February of 2003, David along with Scott Jackman, founded BLU Culinary Arts and BLU Boy Chocolate. To create the finest desserts and chocolates possible, David and Scott continued their training with German pastry chef Robert Oppeneder and Belgian chocolatier Jean-Pierre Wybauw.
In 2008, David and Scott opened their first retail location, BLU Boy Chocolate Café and Cakery in Bloomington, Indiana. This intimate dessert and chocolate boutique is the culmination of five years of creating and developing recipes for European-styled desserts and hand-crafted chocolates, ice cream, and espresso drinks made in-house from fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
A personal note from head BLU Boy and chocolatier, David Fletcher:
I spent the early part of my life in Germany. As many of you know, we Germans are quite well known for our love of super-sweet milk chocolate. It was a limited introduction to what is just one of many chocolate possibilities. While I certainly have been influenced by that confectionery culture, as an adult my interests have taken a sharp turn toward the dark side. In our small chocolate studio we focus primarily on making chocolates on the darker end of the spectrum, less sweet, with an assortment of subtle flavors. However, we do have a few that will also please the milk chocolate lovers amongst us.
I often compare the creation of our chocolates to making a mixed music playlist for a friend: You chose all your favorites, combine them in a way that is particularly meaningful to you, and then you present your collection to that someone special hoping they love it as much as you do. The chocolates I make and offer are presented to you in the same way. I do hope you love them!