A chewy butter caramel that we make in house, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkle with flakes of French Fleur de Sel (sea salt) from the Camargue.
A red hand-painted hemisphere filled with a smoky warm ancho chile and cinnamon ganache, suitable for even the most cautious chocolate lover, as the spiciness takes a backseat to the warmth.
An orange hand-painted hemisphere filled with a soft blood orange dark chocolate ganache. Blood orange is a naturally sweeter and darker orange, perfectly combined with dark chocolate ganache.
A yellow hand-painted hemisphere filled with our South American soft caramel (dulce de leche), dark chocolate, and heavy cream.
A green hand-painted hemisphere filled with a peppermint dark chocolate soft ganache.
A blue hand-painted hemisphere filled with a milk chocolate ganache. A great option for all chocolate lovers.
Our melted dark chocolate combined with heavy cream. Dusted with a chocolate cocoa powder, it is a true French flavor ganache.
This is our French-style raspberry dark chocolate truffle ganache that we then roll in powdered raspberry
We use our locally roasted BLU Boy espresso to make this mocha dark chocolate ganache. It's the perfect afternoon pick me up! We use locally roasted espresso from Brown County Coffee.
We combine our strawberry dark chocolate ganache with Minus8 ice wine vinegar. Minus8 is a naturally sweet, slightly tart vinegar made from ice wine.
Fiori di Sicilia is an Italian floral essence used in Italian baking. We combine a small amount with our dark chocolate ganache for a subtle floral quality with slight citrus overtones.
Our high-percentage milk chocolate and heavy cream ganache surrounded by a dark chocolate shell. It's a combination that will satisfy milk and dark chocolate lovers alike.