We ship via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere within the continental US; we do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or outlying territories. Packages are shipped Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and should arrive within 2-3 business days. Overnight shipping is currently not available.


I live in the desert, can you still ship to me? 

We can ship our chocolates to warm locations by packing them in an insulated cooler box with ice packs. There is a flat $20.00 shipping fee per address for this packaging, and we reserve the right to ship this way at our discretion.


How do you know if you need this shipping option? If the temperature at the chocolates’ destination is 60°F or warmer (you can check the temperature of the destination here) they must be shipped with warm weather packaging (so choose that shipping option). We want to make sure they get there safely.


How long will the chocolates last?  

Since we do not add preservatives to our chocolates, they are best consumed within 2 weeks of receipt when kept at room temperature. Refrigeration or freezing the chocolates will alter their appearance so we do not recommend it. Fresh chocolates aren't meant to last forever.


Can I pick my assortment if I order the assorted box? 

When you are in our shop you will always get to pick and choose. But when you order online, we'll choose from the chocolates we currently have in stock and that are the most fresh and most popular. You are always welcome to leave a flavor request in the comments section at checkout, but we will reserve the right to substitute at our discretion should we not have the requested flavor. That's why we've come up with the very clever name of the "Assorted Box"; it's a great big surprise!


I want to give the chocolates as a gift. Can you include a message card?

Absolutely! Please just leave the message in the comment section on the cart screen, before you checkout. We love being part of the gift giving process. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer gift-wrapping.


What if my chocolates arrive damaged?  

If you are unsatisfied with your chocolates in any way, please contact our store to see how we can make it right. We want you to be happy so you'll order with us again and again. If your shipping box arrives damaged, please snap a picture of the box so you can share it with your postal carrier, and us if need be. You can reach us at 812-334-8460 or judy.bluboychocolate@gmail.com.


Hey, I didn't order that! What do I do if there is a mistake?  

Unfortunately, in spite of our best intentions, we are certainly capable of making mistakes. We work every day with the best of intentions to avoid them. If you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us immediately. We want to fix our errors, so that you'll stay happy as a kid in a candy store. Please include your name, order number, what went wrong, and how we can make it right. You can call us at 812-334-8460 or email one of the BLU Boys at judy.bluboychocolate@gmail.com.


I have a few questions about your chocolates. How do I get them answered?

You can call us at 812-334-8460 where any staff member will try to help you. Or you can email us at judy.bluboychocolate@gmail.com.


I am allergic to all sorts of things. Can I still eat your chocolates?  

Maybe. Take note that our chocolates contain dairy, sometimes nuts, wheat products, and soy. They may contain other ingredients as well. So if you have a life-threatening allergy to any of those, we suggest you avoid the chocolates. As much as we want you to enjoy our chocolates, they are not worth the risk to your well-being.