Ice Cream

"I didn't know what else to do with them!".

That is what I always tell people about our ice cream. You see, we use fresh eggs from the beginning for our desserts, cakes, and icings. And we found that we use more whites than yolks. As a result we have buckets of beautiful golden yolks waiting for a purpose.

Then it dawned on me.... fresh yolks + heavy cream + a well used Italian gelato machine = deliciously dense old fashioned ice cream. We have chosen to keep it pure and simple by not using stabilizers that incorporate air, or adding unnecessary artificial colorings just to make you think the mint is mintier.

Our signature ice cream flavors include:

  • Vanilla: A good old-fashioned vanilla ice cream churned with real vanilla beans.
  • Honey: A smooth, silky ice cream with notes of wildflower honey. 
  • Chocolate: A classic rich, dark chocolate ice cream. 
  • Mudslide: A chocolate ice cream, swirled with espresso and chunks of our Mudslide cookie. A definite choice for chocolate lovers. 
  • Seasonal: Varies month to month. Call or stop in to see what we've concocted this time.

Stop by to get a scoop (or two)! Or if you're really craving something sweet, grab a pint or quart!